An industrial design is a form of a product or of its part, new and having and individual character given to it especially by the characteristics of lines, contours, shapes, colours, product structure or material and by its ornamentation. Each object made in industrial or technical way is a product. Rights from industrial designs registration are granted in national procedure by Polish Patent Office, while in a European system these rights are granted by European Union Intellectual property Office in Alicante in Spain. An exclusive right to an industrial design is granted for 25 years. This period is divided into 5-year durations of protection.

The scope of registration rights are specified altogether by the essential characteristics indicated in the design description and drawings of the design. The Office prepares application documents for industrial designs in accordance to formal requirements stated in national or common normative acts.

After the registration we are responsible for the supervision of maintaining protection of the granted exclusive rights in subsequent 5-year durations of protection. We remind our clients of the dates of making official fees or upon their order we make them ourselves.

In the name of a client we prepare warning documents for potential violators of industrial designs. We carry out mediations in the case of conflicts of rights aiming at concluding an arrangement between the parties.

Moreover, we perform tasks of an intermediary while concluding license agreements to use industrial designs and assignment of exclusive rights for the designs between the parties, as well as before competent administrative authorities.